Easter Sugar Egg-elaborate interior

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Easter Sugar Egg-elaborate interior

This is a unique Easter gift, this art form has been passed down through the Landry family for generations.  The owner made her own with her mother, Bootsie John Landry over 45 years ago and still has it to this day, its a family heirloom.

Renaissance Market is making Easter sugar eggs again--these are hollow eggs made entirely of sugar, with a little window at one end. The sugar eggs are dyed in pastel hues: ice-blues, palest pinks or quiet yellows. Inside, nestled in a bed of icing, is an Easter theme, no bigger than a child`s palm.  This particular egg has ceramic figurines in the shadowbox window.

Such panoramic eggs are nearly a lost art.  Very few shops offer their own handmade versions. The shells are made by packing a sugar and water mixture into two molds. When the outside shell has hardened, the interior is created and the outside decorated.

When ordering let us know what color you want your in customer comments: egg, blue, pink, green, or yellow